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Two Generating Units
950 MW each
Located in West Millard County Near Delta, Utah

4,614 Acre Plant Site

301 ft High Boiler Structure

701 ft Hgh Chimney Structure
Tours Available.  Call (435) 864-6554
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Construction of the Intermountain Power Project commenced in 1981.  Fueled by Utah’s abundant coal reserves, the project is designed to operate efficiently for decades to come  The Intermountain Power Project consistently ranks among the best of America’s coal-based power plants in reliability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility.
It began as a vision in the early 1970s:
"Provide a reliable supply of economical power to growing communities throughout the American West,"
The Intermountain Power Agency (IPA) is an organization of 23 Utah municipalities formed to finance, operate, and maintain the Intermountain Power Project.

The Intermountain Power Project (IPP) includes a two-unit coal-fired generating station, two transmission systems, a microwave communication system, and a railcar service center, all built as a joint undertaking by 36 utilities in Utah and California.  The Generating Station and the Northern Converter Station is situated on over 4,000 acres of land, purchased from the Bureau of Land Management in Millard County near Delta, Utah.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) serves as the operating agent.

The Intermountain Power Service Corporation (IPSC) staffs the generating station and related facilities.
Intermountain Generating Station, Intermountain Converter Station, Intermountain Railcar Center

Owner:  Intermountain Power Agency (IPA)

Governance:  IPP Coordinating Committee,  IPA Board of Directors

Project Manager and Operating Agent:  Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Operation and Maintenance:  Intermountain Power Service Corporation (IPSC)

Participants: 6 California Municipal Utilities,  23 Utah Municipal Utilities, 6 Utah Rural Electric Cooperatives, 1 Utah Investor Owned Utility, 1 Nevada Electric Cooperative

History:  Construction Began: September, 1981
Unit 1 Commercial Operation: June 1986
Unit 2 Commercial Operation: May 1987
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